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We get the itch to try all the apps, courses, yoga studios and quantum-ascension-shamanic-rainbow-dolphin-fart healing sessions. Trust us (we’ve built a whole global movement from that itch).

You want to stay connected to your truth, roots, purpose, voice, center.

And our job is to make it simple.

If living from your heart is a priority,

you’re in the right place.

Everything you need, under one roof.

At The Intuition House we curate and centralize the most embodied teachings & live sessions so that you don’t have to tune into a bazillion different podcasts, books and guided meditations throughout the day.

Your one-stop center
to release, recenter, expand

After 25+ years in the Brazilian shamanic, psychic & ancestral tradition, I’ve gathered the most embodied experts around the globe. 

Here you got everything you need: from intuition development to conscious relationships.

Welcome to the Intuition House.

I’m your guide, Lígia.

Everything is energy

Success is feeling whole

I rise, you rise, she rises.

We are a commUNITY of heart-led creatives who believe in 3 things:

Oh, and that you get to have a fuckton of fun because that’s the point ;)

to every single human on the planet.

We are committed to extending the realm of endless possibilities

Extend the access to FREEDOM + FULFILLMENT

We are part of this conversation and believe privilege can be a platform for change.
If you are here, your voice is part of the change too.

A world where we ALL have access to living in full alignment with heart, truth and purpose.

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5 months | 10-on-1 healing | Private Progressive Wellness Retreat

Monthly or yearly | on-going guided embodiment & energy work | Discount on TIH retreats & healing sessions

9 months | Online Group Program | Biz Psychic Coaching

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Quantum healing, somatic therapy, psychic guidance, pleasure, money, tarot, astrology & much more.
A curated selection of high-level sessions, led by the most embodied leaders around the globe.





Enroll into instant access courses on topics like:
• Intuition development
• 5D Collective ascension
• Feminine embodiment
• Womb & cyclical living
• Channeling spirit guides
• Conscious marketing
• Gaia & Regenerative leadership
• Human Design & Gene Keys
• & so much more

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"The magic was present from day one, even before the retreat started, right when I enrolled: synchronicities aligning around it, a credit card approval that paid for it, appointments getting moved to make time and space for the retreat. 

The space was powerful and peaceful at the same time, intense and easeful, strong and delicate. It was seemingly simple, but the effects on me were so complex. The activations and expansion are obvious. My mind can’t grasp what happened, I just FEEL different. It got clear to me that it was not a matter of the mind, but my heart and soul took me there. My soul got to lead the way, and that was the greatest gift."

It was seemingly simple, but the effects on me were so complex. The activations and expansion are


–Fernanda, Psychoanalyst & Channel

"It’s crazy to think that I started only 4 months ago!
I was feeling stuck in my personal and professional life. Lígia kindly guided me to this whole new world. From that point things started to change and flow.

I gave up my career and started a new business. I never imagined that life could be so light, even during this crazy pandemic. I’m feeling guided, safe and aligned.

I am receiving so much right now, knowing that there is so much more to come! By giving me the tools and guidance, this has literally changed my life. It’s impossible to express my gratitude, you are gifted."

By giving me the tools and guidance, this has literally

changed my life.

–Daniela, Designer & E-commerce owner

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