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– to release, recenter, expand

we curate and centralize the most embodied teachings & live sessions so that you don’t have to tune into a bazillion different podcasts, books and guided meditations throughout the day.

At The Intuition House

All under one roof.

International retreats, courses and à la carte sessions with the most expert leaders around the globe,

I’m the CEO and founder of The Intuition House.
I come from a long lineage of shamans, healers, and medicine women from Brazil, where I was born and raised. My initiations there started around the age of 5 with my gifted grandmother.

I'm also a bestselling author and have led 5 businesses (including event planning for 16.000+ global CEOs), hired and managed 25+ team members in 7 countries.

I realized I had this insane network of incredible leaders, breath & body experts, astrologers, channelers, healers… the light bulb went on.

Meet the Founder

I'm Lígia Leite. Oi!

Why not bring all of them together?

WHAT IF we had these absolute powerhouses joining forces, on the same team?

The impact. The sisterhood. YEP. Now we’re talking.
So, I did it. Today, The Intuition House hosts international retreats, workshops and à lá carte sessions with the best of the best at what they do. Always prioritizing integrity, safety and heart-centered leadership.
Together, we have led THOUSANDS of 5, 6 and 7-figure leaders in finding clarity & inner balance- putting the human above the numbers and hamster wheel of "always something pending", and never enough achieving.

Our Why:

We believe true success is feeling whole and enough.

And that sales, cars and shiny milestones means sh*t if you feel like you can't take a break without your world collapsing. Or that there's always a next thing to achieve or buy.

We believe in freedom from the inside out. 
And that every human in the world gets to have their basic needs met + access to the teachings and tools to remember it.

Because deep down you always know when something's off and that pushing to get more, more, more... feels kinda sh*t.

Here, you stop the chase.


Behind the Scenes:

The inside of Lígia’s head is like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Hogwarts.

Our in-house team of 7 speaks 4 languages (and maybe a couple of dialects)

Who uses pendulums and tarot to make business decisions? Not us. (Got you. Absolutely us.)

In our world, naked twerking is a spiritual practice and happens often. And yes, we’re proud.




the pillars of



& results

"The magic was present from day one, even before the retreat started, right when I enrolled: synchronicities aligning around it, a credit card approval that paid for it, appointments getting moved to make time and space for the retreat. 

The space was powerful and peaceful at the same time, intense and easeful, strong and delicate. It was seemingly simple, but the effects on me were so complex. The activations and expansion are obvious. My mind can’t grasp what happened, I just FEEL different. It got clear to me that it was not a matter of the mind, but my heart and soul took me there. My soul got to lead the way, and that was the greatest gift."

It was seemingly simple, but the effects on me were so complex. The activations and expansion are


–Fernanda, Psychoanalyst & Channel

"It’s crazy to think that I started only 4 months ago!
I was feeling stuck in my personal and professional life. Lígia kindly guided me to this whole new world. From that point things started to change and flow.

I gave up my career and started a new business. I never imagined that life could be so light, even during this crazy pandemic. I’m feeling guided, safe and aligned.

I am receiving so much right now, knowing that there is so much more to come! By giving me the tools and guidance, this has literally changed my life. It’s impossible to express my gratitude, you are gifted."

By giving me the tools and guidance, this has literally

changed my life.

–Daniela, Designer & E-commerce owner

"I launched a new business which is truly reflecting who I am. Within 2 months I felt that shift and it’s already coming into action, which is crazy.  

I feel like for the first time I really gave space for myself to deal with things, and I feel safe doing so. It has also helped me find my own voice, sharing my truth and my authentic self.  

It has really changed my life - I can say that without a shadow of a doubt.

It has really changed my life - I can say that without a shadow of a 


–Lal, Intuitive Holistic Therapist

Our Members Have...

Realigned with their deepest truth: what THEY are here to share, THEIR way

Landed dream “unrealistic” book deals in a couple of weeks

Experienced massive relationship breakthroughs & life changes (engagements, break ups, babies, thriving sex life, relocations, reconnection with family members after decades!)

Built thriving businesses that are an extension of their souls’ missions (with results like scaling from 10 to consistent 1.000 monthly sales after 3 months)

Started to connect with their spirit guides to channel inspiration for their music, books, art, content: the tap of divine creative flow is open!

Gotten in touch with their intuitive abilities & psychic gifts (which they now use in their careers, families and to make big decisions)

Sustained physical and hormonal health after years of chronic conditions

Gained clarity on which path to take and their best next steps, day after day. & SO. MUCH. MORE.