4-day deep healing retreat for ultimate clarity

6 to 9 January 2023

January 6 to 9

the place where massive transformation happens lightly.

welcome back to your center,

Who said leaping into the unknown has to be "heavy work"?

  • You're shedding the old, closing a long cycle and ready for a fresh chapter in your life.
  • You're quite tired of expanding, too. You know more growth is inevitable where you're at. And you also kinda expect change to be harsh, so now you...
  • ...feel stretched out and just want an effing break. 
  • It's feeling like too much to fix, to handle, to feel. You just want things to be clear and figured out, done. 
  • You've been setting more boundaries, receiving more, earning more- and you don't necessarily feel more free and abundant. 
  • It's like you can take these huge leaps, and the pressure is still there. As if you can't escape running on the bare minimum, even with all this growth. 
  • You're SO READY for massive expansion that flows with ease. No more growth that comes with pain and struggle.

These cleansing 4 days are

for you if...

(And for growth that doesn't feel like you're tested by the Universe with curveballs that never end)

You're ready for better and better, while you feel lighter and lighter

...It's time to come

4 days of the deepest reset,

a value-packed retreat agenda with expert healers

in a dream 3-night all inclusive stay at Mexico’s Premiere, Award-Winning, Progressive Wellness & Spa Resort

You don't have to pause your plans as a couple or a family to heal & recharge.
Why choose? The Back to Roots retreat was designed to easily fit into your needs and bring your loved ones along. Partner can relax at the plunge bar; kids can join mindful guided activities in nature: everyone is welcome to join the sessions and sacred ceremonies.

Powerdose of healing

that fits into your life.

Energy healing | Intuitive guidance | Somatic release | Movement therapy

Restore and re-emerge as the most connected you.

4 potent days and beyond

transformation that doesn't end at the retreat

Have you ever gone on a trip, relaxed, came back and 'wait, where did it go?'
Back to Roots is deep, life altering transformation that doesn't end in Mexico. You will be given tools and daily practices to move forward after the retreat, plus 4 retreat days focused on EMBODIMENT and INTEGRATION. Change that stays.

We care about after the high.

You will:

Deeply cleanse and release the noise, the “should”s, how Karen's doing it, the numbers game, the pressure to be, do and have more

Say no with zero guilt to that potential big project that everyone thinks you should take, but just feels off. There's no back and forth because your intuition is sharp af. 

Catch yourself holding your breath, overthinking your words, looking around and fixing your dress at the party… and have the exact tools + personal rituals to PAUSE the noise and come back to you. 

Giggle at how number of sales and followers never had this little to do with how you feel about yourself.

Know clearly, in every fiber of your being, what is your unique way of doing things and where you are going next.

Land that dream feature from your bubble bath at 11 am on a Wednesday.

3 PM
Welcome & check in

5 PM
Opening Sacred Ceremony
Set the tone for the deep energetic reset you are embarking on.
You will connect with your spirit guides, with each other (you are not here by coincidence!), set intentions and prepare your nervous system.

6.30 PM 
Sunset drinks, live music & barefoot-on-the-sand dance party

January 6:


7 AM
Pranayama (breathwork) by the ocean

8 AM
Optional: Vinyasa Yoga

9.30 AM
Past life, ancestral & inner child clearing
We often carry cellular and muscle memory of trauma, beliefs and unprocessed experiences that are passed down through the DNA, and even through incarnations. These are the energetic roots of repeating patterns in our lives.
In a safe and guided environment, you will retrieve these patterns, understand the origins, release and bring love to anything that might be holding you back in the mental, physical, emotional or energetic body. These sessions are life changing.

January 7:


11 AM
Cacao ceremony

We gather to celebrate and bond with a Mayan ancient tradition. Sacred cacao is a gentle heart opener that prepares your body and soul for the upcoming sessions.

3 PM
Temazcal Ritual

The temazcal is an ancient ceremony inherited from pre-Hispanic cultures. It allows us to understand how we are all connected with the
elements of earth, water, fire and wind.
The temazcal is also the representation of mother Earth, so when entering this temple you have the opportunity to be reborn, detoxify the body, improve
the immune system and open the respiratory system. It all happens in a beautiful circle of songs and intention in honor of this tradition.

4 PM
Forgiveness Ceremony
Identify and release emotions and physical ailments through forgiving others, asking for forgiveness and forgiving yourself. This is
a powerful healing guided meditation accompanied by music.

5 PM
Relaxation time & free evening

7 AM
Pranayama (breathwork) by the ocean

8 AM
Therapeutic Yoga

11 AM
Gratitude Ritual

3 PM
Natural handcrafts and connection to the Earth

5 PM
Soul Expression

January 8:


Connect with your essence. You will energetically access a space of deep self worth and wholeness, connect with your true & most authentic voice, and bring it all into the body. You will also gain clarity on what isn’t fully aligned in your life and work right now, and what you can do to bring harmony. This ceremony is designed to ripple out into your every move, word and decision moving forward.
We close with an unforgettable sunset ecstatic dance session and a special surprise.

7 AM
Pranayama (breathwork) by the ocean

9 AM
Integration & Sacred Closing Ceremony

Seal your transformation. You will close a chapter and strengthen your energetic boundaries, in deep connection with your guides and your truest self.

11 AM
Sound healing with Tibetan Bowls

12 PM
BONUS: Action plan workshop 
One-on-one time with the founder of The Intuition House to get clear on your next steps. You'll digest the retreat sessions and get a clear picture on how they translate into your best course of action. 
*exclusive for July enrollments

January 9:


You'll be guided by Lígia Leite, founder & CEO of The Intuition House and best selling author.

Lígia comes from a long lineage of shamans, healers, psychics and medicine women from Brazil, where her initiations started at age 5.

After years mentoring hundreds of students as a gifted intuitive, she realized she was part of an incredible global network of incredible leaders, somatic facilitators, astrologers, psychics, channelers, shamans, medicine women… the light bulb went on.
Why not bring all of them together?
WHAT IF we had these absolute powerhouses joining forces, on the same team?
The impact. The sisterhood. The potency of all the best curated healing modalities, side by side.
So, she did it. Today The Intuition House hosts restorative international retreats, multimodality courses and à lá carte sessions with the best of the best at what they do. Always prioritizing integrity, safety and heart-centered leadership.


The Intuition House

Together, The Intuition House guides have changed THOUSANDS of lives and reconnected students all over the world to their truth, their hearts, their center, their intuition.

You'll experience a condensed version of The Intuition House's signature program.

4 days | all inclusive stay | healing ceremonies

3-night accommodation 

Single or double room at Palmaïa in Playacar, Mexico.

4 retreat exclusive in-depth healing sessions 

10 curated breathwork, yoga and sound healing classes & ceremonies

All the practices that are part of Palmaïa’s Architects of Life Program

Full plant-based menus for optimal health and detox during breakfast, lunch and dinner

Premium beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

24-hour in suite dining

Bike sharing service

Stand-up paddle boards at the beach


Nomadic Guides service

6 to 9 January 2023

Early Bird Bonus ($1200)

Book your spot before August 31
and receive an exclusive:

  • Action Plan workshop
One-on-one time with Lígia at the retreat to get clear on your next steps. You'll digest the retreat sessions and get a clear picture on how they translate into your best course of action. Move forward as the new, most connected you.

  • Implementation private session
Your transformation doesn't stop on the last day of the retreat. Meet the founder of The Intuition House online once you're back home to process and implement your energetic shifts. Change that stays.

  • Personalised guide: daily rituals and practices
After the retreat, you'll receive a carefully curated guide: your personal daily practices and rituals to stay rooted. A potent morning guide to keep the energy of the retreat alive in you every single day.





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