The tailored holistic program
for the deepest release of what's holding you back

a home for the heart-centered leader who’s ready to release the back and forth and go all in.

welcome to the temple

You've been putting in the work, facing your depths, setting boundaries and making ballsy decisions. You know the path that's calling you.

And yet...
It's like you hit an invisible wall and can't go all in, as bold as you know you're meant to.

You want to show up, speak up, make the move, own your bigness and the impact you know you're here to make.
There's this flame in your heart, and something that stops it from growing into a wildfire.

Feeling trapped is no longer an option, because deep within you know it's go time.

What if you fully embraced

your heart's calling?

Where work is belly laughs and bubble baths at 11 am on a Wednesday, while changing lives by being yourself.

There is a powerful af voice in you waiting to be liberated.

it's time to enter

Imagine a place where...

you no longer have to seek out the support you desire...

Instead of having to pick and choose get the best healers around the world at your fingertips
for 5 months of the deepest healing, mind-body-soul.

Multiple leading modalities, all under one roof. Your holistic curriculum is curated exclusively for YOU with our extensive network of master healers and experts. Everything you need, nothing you don't.
Years of subconscious work, quantum healing, past life clearing, ancestry work & more condensed (and on steroids).

A customized journey,

tailored to you.

and to feel safe actually taking it, not just dreaming it.

Receive the intimate guidance you've been seeking to see your clear next step

five potent months

of integrated transformation

Most private proograms only scratch the surface and leave you wanting more.
Inside of the Temple you'll feel nourished and satiated with transformative tools, personal daily rituals, a delicious retreat, and expertly guided healings for 5 months of total integration of an elevated you: more connected, whole and at peace than ever.

We've created a potent 5 month journey that initiates you into your new normal so you never go back.

When you enter

your Temple...

You put an end to the loop of knowing you want to create the course, write the book, shout it from the rooftops- and not doing it. Your body and intuition are one. You feel it, and you move. Taking bold action feels as natural as drinking water when you're thirsty.

You honestly can't remember the lump in your throat and tight chest from craving to speak up and keeping it in. You post, you record, you sit with Karen to set a boundary- AND it feels orgasmic.

The 'ugh I don't know where I'm going'  is no longer overwhelming. Actually, you quite enjoy letting go of control. You trust life with every fiber of your being and seeing where a new scary goal takes you is genuinely FUN.

You get a nudge and know that's where you wanna go next. Clear and solid. 
...the last thing in your mind is 'but is it right?'. You're your intuition's biggest cheerleader and it's Lilly and Marshall level of trust between you two.

The room is burning, and you're Buddha-level of zen. Ok, def not that because you're human BUT you do stay deeply connected and safe on the days where you go from road rage to crying because you're out of cheese. You enjoy feeling it all. Your body feels safe and so do your emotions and fears.

All this WHILE you land that dream feature from the bathtub, after your nap.
Sounds like your jam?

Anouare, published author and founder of The School of Relating

Let's take a look at the journey inside your Temple...

  • Private Intensive 1: in-depth scan
Identify the specific imbalances, patterns and loops playing out in your life at the root.

Receive a practical guide with personal rituals and your fully curated 5-month healing journey, created just for you and your needs.

Choose your retreat date.

  • Private Intensive 2: opening
Prepare mind-body-soul.
Set intentions.
Get a clear framework for the next months.

Month One:


  • Private Intensive 3: deep past life & cellular clearing 
Get to the core.
Mind-blowing revelations as you are liberated from past lives and trauma held in your subconscious and DNA.

  • Check in with your Lead Guide
Process, digest, integrate.

  • Private Intensive 4: integration
Fully adjust mind-body-soul to who you are post-clearing.

  • Check in with your Lead Guide
Process, digest, integrate.

Month Two:


  • Check in with your Lead Guide
Process, digest, integrate.

High frequency private retreat in Mexico or Belgium.

  • Private Intensive 5: retreat opening
Prepare energy + body to go deeper.
  • Private Intensive 6: retreat processing
Come back to your intentions. Pause. Shift from information piling up and make the most out of each retreat practice.
  • Private Intensive 7: retreat closing
Seal your breakthroughs and deep transformation.
Get clear on how to move forward. Change that stays.

  • Check in with your Lead Guide
Process, digest, integrate.

  • Private Intensive 8: subconscious reprogramming
Unwind limiting patterns and behaviors.
Get the mind and body onboard.

Month Three:


Your journey through the Temple includes a Private 3 Day holistic retreat in the Caribbean or Europe with a custom itinerary for your healing.

Choose between the global Award-Winning Sustainable Wellness Enclave in Mexico; or the High Frequency healing temple in Belgium.
Everything is laid out for you to relax, restore, and come back to you at the deepest level.

High frequency


A day inside...

6.15 AM
Sunsrise gazing

7 AM
Morning breathwork by the ocean

8 AM 

9 AM
All inclusive plant based breakfast

11 AM 
Mayan Cacao Ceremony / Gong bath / Shamanic Circle / Movement therapy

1 PM
Beach front all inclusive plant based lunch

3 PM
Temazcal sacred ceremony

4 PM
Energy Healing Spa Treatment in the jungle
+ swim in natural pit

6 PM 
Sunset drinks, live music & barefoot-on-the-sand dance party

8 PM 
All inclusive plant based dinner


A day inside...

7 AM
Breakfast in your castle accommodation

8 AM
Morning meditation, movement and grounding ritual

10 AM 
Cold dip & mineral bath

11 AM 
Body detox with herbal scrub in a clay sauna ritual

12.30 PM
Healthy lunch with a view and crystal-infused water to support your intentions

2.30 PM
Chakra balancing sauna

3 PM
Ayurvedic massage & oil treatment

4 PM
Energetic sound therapy

5 PM 
Cleansing shamanic ceremony + swim in lake

7 PM 
Rest + sunset infinity whirlpool

8 PM
Dinner with a view


  • Private Intensive 9: nervous system rewiring
Feel safe in your uplevel. Unwind the loop of holding back, postponing and overthinking.

  • Check in with your Lead Guide
Process, digest, integrate.

  • Private Intensive 10: nervous system integration
Go a layer deeper. Acclimate to receiving and speaking up from ease.

  • Check in with your Lead Guide
Process, digest, integrate.

Month Four:


  • Private Intensive 11: rewilding
Let go of control and open up to receiving.
Remember pleasure & flow.

  • Check in with your Lead Guide
Process, digest, integrate.

  • Private Intensive 12: clarity
Hear your guides word by word.
Design a clear action plan.
Move as the liberated you.

  • Closing with your Lead Guide
Revisit your 5-month cycle.
Embrace your new normal.

Month Five:


5 months | 8-on-1 healing | High Frequency Retreat

5 months of intimate support

Biweekly private intensives in an exclusive 8-on-1 experience. Check ins with your Lead Guide that make it cohesive.

Multiple expert healers & guides

Access to not only one expert coach, but 8 Intuition House practitioners and your own Lead Guide.

A customized curriculum

A fully tailored curriculum channeled for your transformation. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Intimacy without overwhelm

Intimate support both virtually and in person for 5 months that doesn’t clog your agenda.

VIP Private Retreat

3 Day all inclusive private retreat of your choice: in Playacar, Mexico or Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium. The ultimate immersive healing experience, designed for you.

Rituals for your day to day

Personal daily rituals and clarity around what to focus on for your most potent transformation back to yourself.

Modalities available

include and are not limited to...

✧ Past life regression
✧ Ancestral DNA & cellular clearing
✧ Somatic Experiencing Therapy
✧ Quantum healing
✧ Shamanic family constellation
✧ Chakra alignment
✧ Frequency Therapy
✧ Psychedelic Breathwork
✧ Psychic guidance
✧ Nervous system regulation
✧ Light code activation 
✧ Tarot & Oracle reading
✧ Gene Keys
✧ Astrology
✧ Hypnotherapy & subconscious reprogramming

the restorative experience

for the intuitive who's ready to lead with ultimate               


You've been diving deep into self reflection, therapy, journaling and guided meditation for the past years... and you're ready to immerse yourself deeper than you've ever gone before. You'll no longer hold back or fear what you can find if you open some doors because you have the most skilled healers and experts right at your fingertips.

You'll want to enter the temple


Life's actually better than ever.
Now you're ready for the raw inner work that opens a whole new level of freedom and authenticity.

You're going from more, to more.

To you, visibility and money are not success.
If you’re not creating freely from your truth and fulfilled in every aspect, it's not success.
If you’re not having fun, there’s no point.
If you’re disconnected from who you are and what matters to you, there’s no point.

You're tired of feeling trapped. And you're ready to fully own your path.
You're so over the push and pull, one step here one step there, wanting to leap but holding back (and resenting it). You're ready to be assertive. You're ready to truly, fully, go.

You want intimate, customized support without the burden of feeling overwhelmed. You want support that adds to your life, rather than making it more chaotic. We know that you're up to big things in the world and you don't need another thing biding for your time. We've curated the Temple Experience to leave you feeling filled up, rather than depleted, so your daily life feels like a ritual that's become second nature.

Emma, intuitive mentor and creator of My Lighter Way

Fernanda, licensed psychoanalyst and multidimensional channel



It’s crazy to think that I started only 4 months ago!
I was feeling stuck and you kindly guided me to this whole new world. From that point things started to change and flow.

I started a whole new business. I never imagined that life could be so light. I’m feeling guided, safe and aligned.

I am receiving so much right now, knowing that there is so much more to come! By giving me the tools and guidance, you have literally changed my life. It’s impossible to express my gratitude, you are gifted.

I feel like for the first time I really gave space for myself to deal with things, and I feel safe doing so. It has also helped me find my own voice, sharing my truth and my authentic self. 

It has really changed my life - I can say that without a shadow of a doubt.

Lal, MsC. Holistic therapist 

Daniela, designer

You're being called to enter...

will you take the step and meet your most authentic Self?

Now taking applications for the immersive 5-month experience.

The Temple is a sacred experience reserved for those devoted to their transformation.

Because we truly give our utmost attention to our Temple students, openings are limited and exclusive to those ready to fully commit to their healing.

How to Apply




Investment Options:

  • Fully tailored curriculum & selected leading experts: program created for you

  • Biweekly private intensives with 8 of the best healers and practitioners in the world

  • Intimate support and check ins with your our own Lead Guide

  • Carefully designed workbooks with a summary of each sessions, takeaways, exercises, prompts and practices

  • Lifetime access to all recordings: keep your sessions and customized resources beyond your 5 months live with us

  • All inclusive transformative 3 Day Mexico or Europe Private Retreat