Team building | Networking | Community

  • 7.000+ students 
  • 30+ retreats and workshops in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Brazil and Mexico
  • Hundreds of holistic healing sessions & masterclasses

At The Intuition House we centralize the most expert teachings in mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

 We dive deep. Community and true connection are the core of everything we do.

I'm Lígia Leite and I come from a long lineage of shamans, healers and medicine women from Brazil, where I was born and raised. I'm also a bestselling author and have led 5 businesses (including event planning for 16.000+ global CEOs), hired and managed 25+ team members in 7 countries.

Today, The Intuition House hosts international retreats and transformational workshops with the most expert leaders around the globe. 

We put the human above the numbers and the hamster wheel of "always something pending"

and never enough "achieving".

We believe success is feeling whole- not trading sweat, blood and tears for the next shiny goal that won't ever feel enough.

We've led thousand of 5, 6 and 7-figure leaders in finding clarity & inner balance.

Success and "leadership" at the expense of your peace of mind...

is a huge NO in our world.

No "work hard, play hard". Ew.
Your work gets to restore you, mind-body-soul.

Nothing at The Intuition House is cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all. I believe in crafting and delivering exactly what you need. Every experience is exclusive.

A customized experience,

tailored to you.

Dive into our tailored deep-healing experiences and group dynamics:

Let's take a look at your The Intuition House experience...

1h to 3h in person breakthrough group dynamics led by founder Lígia Leite, for 3 to 200 participants.

From feeling good enough and finding internal validation to reconnecting with your deeper purpose and healing unprocessed trauma from past painful experiences, these are not traditional "classes", but immersive and interactive healing moments.

As everything we do, these are uniquely designed for the group and each participant.

& workshops

Team building | Networking | Community  

Best sellers:

  • Liberation: Process trapped emotions & open self expression
  • Community: build authentic connection (the new "networking")
  • Cyclical & intuitive living: stop pushing, befriend your rhythms
  • Trust: release control and overthinking
  • Find your purpose

Candles, incense, tarot cards and a safe sacred space for a deep spiritual journey. Here we work with the body, auras and energy.

Deep healing occurs: for the participants and even each person's ancestry and past lives, if open to those concepts. You get to receive clear guidance from spirit guides, harmonize your chakras (energy centers), and more.

The beliefs of each group are respected, and we only go as far as it is comfortable.

(3 to 50 participants)

Sacred ceremonies

Self discovery | Inner healing | Community deepening

Best sellers:

  • Intuitive creation: open your creative channel
  • Connect with your ancestors
  • Women's New & Full Moon circles
  • Rebirth ritual: ending cycles & welcoming new beginnings
  • Soul contracts: heal energetic connection with others

Mind-body-soul reset in a value-packed day of guided practices and nourishing food. A deeply healing day to pause the noise and never ending To Do list, reconnect and recharge. 

The Day Retreat takes you through mind, body and soul cleansing, so you can come back home to you.

Get The Intuition House method and a full retreat agenda condensed into one powerful day. (6 to 30 participants)

Day Retreat

Cleanse | Reconnect | Recharge

Best sellers:

  • Bachelorette Day Retreat
  • Release Day Retreat: heal wounds, let go and close cycles
  • New Beginnings Day Retreat: plant intentions & welcome a new chapter

We believe in creating and delivering exactly what you need. Every experience is exclusive.

Nothing at The Intuition House is cookie-cutter,


7.000+ students
30+ retreats and workshops in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Brazil and Mexico

Hundreds of holistic healing sessions & masterclasses

Deeply healing in person experiences & expert teachings in holistic wellbeing.

The best way to get a custom quote and dive deeper into what your unique workshop or retreat could look like is to send us an email to

We'll ask you some questions to get clear on your needs, and we'll hop on a call together where I can design a tangible plan for you.

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